electroinstallations "from A to Z"

Electroinstallations are various weak-current installations, e.g. electronic security systems (ESS), fire protection systems (FPS), CCTV systems, attendance systems etc. Universal or structured cabling is an individual chapter used mainly for company data networks and for distribution patterns. All systems are supplied from the first idea to project and execution to final proof and testing. When executing, there is often neccessity to make some small construction works. These we supply as well to guarantee maximum quality at each stage.

No usage of electroinstallations is too small or too big or too complicated for us. We solve installations in family houses, office buildings, production and logistics halls, whole premises or historical buildings.

We supply home telephones, integral time systems, TV aerials, radio and evacuative systems, VoIP technologies, teleconference systems, audio video techniques, measuring and regulation systems. Weak-current security systems are reffered to in an extra chapter.

We also can not ignore „intelligent“ electroinstallations that are more and more used. These are used not only in industrial and office buildings but more often also in private houses where the investors claim for maximum quality and flexibility of the final solution.


Electroinstallations "from A to Z"

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